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 Economic right

  - Allocation power

  - Revenue right

  - Econ. management  


Economic rights allocation

  - ERA

  - Revenue rights allocation

  - Economic management

    powers allocation

  - Two goals for economic


 ERA element

 Allocation subject

  - Allocation management


  - Allocation management


  - Interest subject

 Economic item

  - Economic value item

  - Business income item

  - Business expenditure


  - Wage income item

  - Wage expenditure item

  - Residual item

  - Share item

 Relationship flow

  - Type of relationship flow

  - Economic interest

    relationship flow

  - Economic management

    relationship flow

 Management power

  - Budge power

  - Approval power

  - Executive power

 Run sequence

  - Number of run level

  - Run level

  - Run order



This app is a kind of specialized management solution design tool and model by which a system diagram containing income distribution relationship and economic management relationship is produced finally to meet the actual demand of enterprise for straightening out economic relationship, designing economic management plan and formulating economic management methods. 

Economic rights allocation  – Top Design Tool and model of Enterprise Economic Management Plan. 

This app provides managers with a wealth of design space and precise expression method, and can helps enterprises improve execution of various areas of work, especially for change work, such as strategy implementation, organization transformation, operation efficiency improvement and business model optimization, with the incentives and constraint from economic management plan designed by this app to business units, function departments and personnel. 

As the only solution in this field at present, ERA has been applied successfully in over 100 enterprises.

With the help of this app, you will be like an expert to think and work with a professional thinking mode and method framework, with more capacity to think creatively. Besides, the graphic tools in this product will make fruition of work more professional in norm, depth, quality and efficiency. 

[Scope of application and user value] 

* Strengthen out economic relationship. 

* Establish Account Diagram of ERA showing revenue right and economic management power of a subject—what economic rights have I? 
* Establish Segment Diagram of ERA showing income distribution relation and economic management relation between a subject and other subjects—what’s the relation between me and other subject? 
* Establish Special Diagram of ERA showing economic management top plan for specific business—what’s the economic management mode for this business? 
* Establish Overall Diagram of ERA showing economic management top plan for enterprise—what’s the economic management mode for the enterprise as a whole? 

* Analyze the matching with business mode and organization model to achieve comprehensive optimization of enterprise management mode from economic management mode’s point of view. 

* Deduced and communicated in unified language tool, work platform and expression method. 
* Management method and basic rule are concreted completely in the procedure, allowing the working process comfortable, professional and work result accurate and standard. 
* Graphic expression of management plan, such as “management drawing”, making process visible, work fruit intuitive and management manifested. 

Cases of Economic rights allocation

2 Case 1: ERA account diagram of a department

2 Case 2: ERA segment diagram of a project department

2 Case 3: Economic Rights Allocation for implementation of general contracting project of an engineering company

2 Case 4: Economic Rights Allocation of a Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd

2 Case 5: Diagnosis on revenue rights allocation

2 Case 6: Diagnosis on management powers allocation

2 Case 7: Diagnosis on matching mechanism

2 Case 8: Diagnosis on difference in economic management

2 Case 9: Diagnosison operation mode

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